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Next Generation™ Perkins Brailler®
  • Lighter and more portable
  • Easier to press the keys
  • Quieter
  • Built-in eraser
  • Read the page easily while writing
  • Shorter keystroke requiring less
  • Margin guides on the front
  • It even comes in fun colors
  • More environmentally-friendly
Perkins Braillers
Classic Perkins Brailler Repairs
The Brailler Depot has over a decade of
experience repairing Perkins braille

We are experienced completing expert
repairs for everyone from large
organizations to individuals.
Over a Decade of Experience Integrating Systems for the Visually Impaired.

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What colors are available through The Brailler Depot?
The Brailler Depot is offering Midnight Blue and Raspberry. If you wish to order APH Blue, please contact APH at 1-

What is ‘polycarbonate’ and why is it durable?
Polycarbonate is the scientific term for high-impact plastic. This type of plastic is virtually indestructible and is used
on cars, trucks, subway cars, riot shields and in many other applications requiring high durability AND a light weight.
We believe that the combination of the polycarbonate outer shell and the metal inner workings gives the Next
Generation Perkins Brailler the sturdiness to deliver years of service, but also allows us to provide a product which
is smaller and more portable.

In addition, because the outer shell of the NEW Next Generation Perkins Brailler is designed to be more ‘closed’,
with fewer openings in the casing which would allow dust and debris inside, we believe that the new brailler will
provide the combination of toughness and high performance that Perkins Brailler users have come to expect.  

Is there a warranty on the new Perkins Brailler?
Yes, we provide the same 1 year warranty on the new Perkins Brailler, and a 90 day warranty on repairs. Please
contact us if you have any issues.

What’s the difference between the Next Generation Brailler and the Classic Brailler?
If you look at the Features and Benefits you can see that the new brailler is smaller, 25% lighter, quieter due to the
lighter keystroke and softer end-of-line bell, and more comfortable to use since the keystroke is shorter and the
keys are closer to the table surface. Plus there are new features such as an Easy-Erase Button, Front Panel Margin
Guides and redesigned Paper Feed Knobs which are easier to turn.

In addition, the Next Generation Perkins Brailler comes in cool colors – Midnight Blue and Raspberry – and utilizes
tactile-friendly materials, giving it a sleek contemporary look and feel.
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